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LA2050 / #LA2050GrantsChallenge / Climate-Ready Native Plant Landscaper Training / SEPTEMBER, 2022

TPF receives $75K grant in the “Climate and Environment” category for its work growing independent landscaping businesses and enabling residents of Los Angeles County through CNPLC. LA2050 Grants Challenge is a community-guided initiative driving and tracking progress toward a shared vision for the future of Los Angeles.

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USC / Making the future look more like the past, USC landscapers learn to nurture native plants / OCTOBER 4, 2022

Native plants at home on the University Park Campus

By Ron Mackovich-Rodriguez

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UCLA / California Native Plant Landscaper Certification Program / 

This summer a group of UCLA Groundskeepers participated in the CNPLC Program facilitated by TPF as part of ongoing efforts to improve water conservation and mitigate the effects of statewide drought conditions on our campus.

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Sunset Magazine / He’s Turning Dodger Stadium into a World-Class Garden, One Native Plant at a Time / JUNE 23, 2022

“To me, the nonprofit Theodore Payne Foundation and nursery in L.A. is the main mechanism. Thanks to their plants and classes, California native plants are coming to light. My crew took all their classes and will continue to.” —Chaz Perea, Dodger Stadium Landscape Manager 


17th Annual Green Gala Awards  / 

Theodore Payne Foundation is awarded The Community Impact Award which recognizes outstanding leadership paving the way toward a more sustainable future.

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Telemundo52 / EN TU VECINDARIO / AGOSTO 26, 2021
Telemundo52 / LADWP /  ABRIL 20, 2021
LADWP y la fundación Theodore payne ofrecen la certificación gratuita a todos los jardineros que quieran aprender a usar plantas resistentes a la sequía
La Opinion / LOS ANGELES / ABRIL 19, 2021
Por Jacqueline García 
L.A.’s  Green New Deal / 2019
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